Finding a Solution!

So you’ have done your user research. Now what?

You need to organise your thoughts so that you can work up some solution ideas.

You could start by doing a bit of affinity mapping – putting all the insight you have got into themed groupings. This helps you spot things that people are talking about a lot, and the things that will give you solution ideas.

Why not try a technique like Crazy 8’s? Each person has a piece of paper folded into 8. You have 8 minutes to come up with 8 ideas, then 1 minute to share all your ideas with the team. It’s about quantity of ideas, not quality, just get them out there and there may the germ of a brilliant solution in there!

Crazy 8’s at Leeds Service Jam 2019

Once you have got some ideas, you need to think about making a prototype. This doesn’t mean programming or making anything shiny. Use paper, cardboard, lego, crayons … any cheap materials to show what the solution might be like. The point is to be able to test it, and if it doesn’t work you can discard it without having invested heavily (either financially or emotionally!) in it.

Prototypes need to simply and clearly demonstrate what the solution MIGHT be like – remember, this stage is still about possibilities, not decisions

How do you know if your solution is any good? Take it out on the street an test it. You can do a dummy run with our volunteer mentors before you go to help you plan how you will engage people and ways to frame questions and capture feedback.

When you get back you will use this feedback to refine your prototype further.

A prototype – notice that this simple approach makes it easy to understand what the solution does.

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