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The Theme is Revealed!

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We’ve all assembled, got a brew and are ready. The anticipation builds. The room goes quiet.
The theme is announced!

Now what?

In small groups, we’ll rapidly brainstorm what we think the theme is about. All ideas are welcome, there are no wrong ideas.
Then we’ll share them, putting them up on the wall for all to see.

We’ll all walk through the ideas as a single group, and gradually refine them into a set of ideas grouped by loose topics. Everyone can choose which topic appeals to them most (it doesn’t have to be the one you came up with!). This way, people are brought together into groups through things that interest them, and your topic group will work together over the 2 days on designing a solution to the challenge in your topic.

Sounds fun? It is!
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What Happens at Leeds GovJam?

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Marie Cheung (left) and Godmother of GovJam Kathryn Grace (right) inject fun into learning at GovJam in Leeds

Over the 2 days at GovJam, you will follow the design thinking process (more on this come in future blogs!).

This means working together to define a challenge and design solutions.

Overview of how things run at GovJam

Supported by expert speakers (such as Kathryn Grace pictured above) you will be presented with a general theme. From this we will work together to define specific challenges to work on as projects in small groups.

You’ll go out into town to conduct user research and to prototype your solution ideas; you’ll do some desk research and will be supported and inspired to think creatively by a team of mentors.

As you work on the projects, we will get together regularly so you can present your progress to the rest of the group and get peer feedback. You’ll be encouraged to present by showing what you have done, not telling – we want to see how it works, not hear a description of it. (Again, more on this in future blogs). We will also be sharing our work with the world by uploading to the Global GovJam site; see previous submissions here .

We may also be twinjamming – this means connecting with another GovJam that is happening in another part of the world. This gives you the chance to hear about each others’ projects and take the opportunity to get input and advice from each other.

We will also provide you with lunch and plenty of brews.

We’ll be blogging more over the coming weeks to explain about how we do all these activities over the 2 days of GovJam so keep coming back to find out more!

What is GovJam Anyway?

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GovJam started in 2012 as a pilot in Australia.  It is a global, 48 hour event in which you can apply and learn about a range of techniques from the theory called ‘Design Thinking’ (more on these techniques to come in future blogs!).  If you are keen to get the details on GovJam visit .

The idea is that you spend 2 days (don’t worry, we let you go home at night!) with a diverse group of people from a range of different workplaces and experiences.  Some of these people will be from the public sector, some won’t – the important thing is that we work in small teams to come up with new ideas for solutions to problems that the public sector is trying to tackle.

There is a fairly standard format across the 2 days based on a design process, but it’s up to your group to manage your own work.  This diagram gives you an idea of what to expect.

During the 2 days you will also have brief presentations from experts about techniques you could use at each stage, and you will be supported by some of our volunteers who will be there in a mentoring capacity.  You’ll need to work as a team and we’ll ask you share with everyone what you are working on, and to help each other out.  There might also be a ‘twinjam’ – that means we join up with a jam somewhere else in the world to share what we are working on and to offer support.

Sounds like hard work?  Well, it is, and it’s rapid.  It’s also rewarding, a great way to learn and try out new techniques in a safe space and it is FUN.

Piqued your interest? Book your ticket here

Look out for our next blog which will explain more about what happens at GovJam!

Book Now for Leeds Gov Jam 2019!

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Tickets are now on sale for Leeds Gov Jam 2019. 48 hours of design thinking in practice to tackle a challenge facing the public sector.

The challenge is revealed during the jam, then work in groups to define the problem, research, generate solution ideas, prototype and test a solution. We’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about how GovJam works so you’ll know what to expect.

Visit Eventbrite to book your ticket

Save the Date!

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Leeds GovJam is now scheduled for 22nd & 23rd October 2019. Two full days of design thinking and doing focussed on building innovative approaches and solutions to challenges experienced in the public sector.

Govjam is open to everybody who is interested in public services, and who wants to add their own ideas and perspectives while enjoying themselves and learning more about how the world works. Both individuals and organisations can join – you do not need experience of government or the public sector. 

The volunteer team is working on plans, and we would welcome more volunteers. If you would like to join in the running of GovJam please follow this link to apply

We are excited to be able to run GovJam at ODI Leeds ( ) again, and details about booking tickets will follow soon …

Leeds GovJam 2019 Coming Soon …

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Global GovJams will be taking place between 18th and 24th October 2019. The Leeds Crew are firming up dates … watch this space!

Leeds GovJam 2018

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We had such an amazing time at this year’s Leeds GovJam 2018! Well done and thank you to all our jammers who came together and spent 48 hours rocking the public sector.

Leeds GovJam 2018
Leeds GovJam 2018

All our teams went out there and did user research early in order to fail fast. We had jam and toast together. Teams bonded and people made new friends. We twin-jammed with first time Global Gov Jam Nottingham. We even danced the Double Diamond Dance to start the last day! #ThisIsWhyWeJam

Thanks also to our wonderful sponsors and supporters, ODI Leeds for the fab space, and spectacular mentors and facilitators who together make this possible. Read more about our volunteers and get in touch if you want to volunteer for the next jam.

You can read about our jammers’ experiences on their blog posts:

Services designed by our jammers: Catalogue gallery here

Photos of the jam: Flickr and Google Photos

Here’s also the theme from this year: video

Once again we would like to THANK YOU for making it possible and hope to see you again next year!

From Marie and the Leeds GovJam team 🙂