Leeds GovJam is run entirely by volunteers. Some volunteers help to plan, market and manage the event. Others support and mentor jammers with their service design and design thinking expertise.

We’re always looking for new volunteers. If you think you could be one of them, please contact Matt Edgar: matt@mattedgar.com / 07964 763252.

2017 team

Lisa Jeffery

I am a chartered marketer, photographer and tea maker. My interests include creativity, communications and shared value creation. I am also passionate about learning and using design and technology to help people connect, collaborate and innovate for social good. After spending many years crisscrossing the creative, corporate and charity sectors, I am currently working for the fabulous Joseph Rowntree Foundation. When I’m not working, reading or service jamming, I can probably be found messing about on my bike or rambling across the moors! @lisajjeffery

Matt Edgar

I specialise in service design and innovation, working independently and with my team of associates at Stick People. In 2013, I was contracted by the Government Digital Service to create and deliver training and support for service managers across central government. I continue to coach and tutor civil servants in the Digital Academy. I produce and lead hands-on service design workshops for people in the public, private and third sectors. In 2016, I was on the worldwide team for the Global GovJam. mattedgar.com  | @mattedgar

Kathryn Grace

I work in the fields of Health and Public Services. I am interested in BIG ideas, innovation, collaboration, people centred design and using digital technologies well. With 22 years of experience across design, digital and communications. After working at Orange and EE as a Service Design manager, I am now focusing on today’s digital healthcare services challenge. Current projects include: the creation of HealthSpark | York, an online conversation space for health and care; enabling service design and people centred design to be introduced in local/national public and health services and an ongoing design research project as an Alzheimer’s family caregiver. I am a SDNetwork Professional Member, co-organiser of Service Design Leeds and annual Leeds Global Service Jams 2010-2015.  www.kathryngrace.co.uk | @IamKathrynGrace | @SDLeeds | @wecaredesign

Liz Whitefield

I am so proud that I have been able to support Leeds GovJam over the last few years. In my current role I support businesses to design and deliver great services for their customers. My public sector experience in both frontline services and improvement projects was always about looking at ways to improve how customers interact with the services they depend on and I have always enjoyed finding new tools and techniques to improve how I do a great job.  I always learn new things but what’s great is seeing how the event can shape and influence all the people who decide to take part no matter what their background and experience. This year I really wanted to get more people involved from organisations that could benefit from the experience and connection and it’s great that we are sponsoring local charities to take part. @Lizziew68

Sharon Dale

I am a consultant specialising in learning, teams and change. I am interested in self-organising and empowered teams, being agile in non-software environments (note the lower case a), networked organisations and motivation. My background is in service support, project and service management. The work I am currently doing is focused on service design and service management in Government. I love working with people as individuals and teams so I volunteer for things like Global GovJam, Global Service Jam, Good for Nothing and GovCamp. I am also a volunteer for the Stroke Association and co-ordinate @LeedsJelly – Monthly free co-working. Personal – Music: 70s soul, reggae, ska & 80s electronic, I’m a new blogger and a Nana. @pixlz

Tim Frenneaux

Tim is passionate about ensuring services meet people’s real needs and has spent much of his career shaping public services to do just that, often drawing on the talents of the Leeds GovJam founders and the likes of the Design Council. Tim has fingers in many pies and is currently Head of Business at a Local Enterprise Partnership, Chair of the Yorkshire Digital Catapult and founder of the innovative startup Gather Outdoors. @timineaux

Si Wilson

My first job was at sportinglife.com in 1998. Starting out as a web developer in a place concentrating on sport-based content with so many talented folk, with so much raw data, and having to explore, learn, and then create was the best start to my career – and an inspiration since. Over the past 16 years I’ve been making “communication solutions”, usually with a digital slant – some “award winning”, some fun, but all have been great problems to be solved – and leading the teams/departments/companies in those agency environments. Nowadays I am a freelance consultant specialising in service and product design. studioofthings.com | flavors.me/idlesi | @IdleSi

Emma Harvey

I fell into digital in ’98 after being tempted by an agency job ad that listed flower arranging as one of the responsibilities. I’ve been privileged to work as Client Services Director at one of the north’s largest digital agencies, and as Managing Director at Numiko, a respected boutique agency. I’ve had many different job roles but the core theme has always been translating user and organisational needs into a solution. I now run Hozho, working as a consultant offering support for organisations building digital services, helping with both the ‘what’ and ‘how’; and am currently helping NHS Digital to build an experience design function within their Digital Delivery Centre. @em606

Marie Cheung

I am a Service and User Experience Designer. I am passionate about designing engaging and meaningful experiences for people. While specific user experiences in products are important, I also believe that the overall holistic experience that people encounter in a service affects their whole outlook on a company or brand. It’s not just about the end product, but the journey that people go through when using products and services. I help organizations design for digital through a service design lens. Currently I’m working at the Department for Work and Pensions as an Interaction Designer and excited for all the service design opportunities within government. @mariecheungsays

Tero Väänänen

I’m a service designer, photographer and artist, with the mind of an engineer. My background is in computer engineering, and I started as a programmer using Perl and early HTML building websites. Since then my career spans from working as a interaction designer and usability specialist at Orange, managing the design team responsible for the Internet Banking at HSBC Bank, Head of UX for an agency, and now as a Service Designer designing health services for clinicians and the public. @teropsv

Matthew Lund

I’ve worked for Leeds City Council for the last 7 years, and before that with many public sector and not-for-profit organisations as a consultant. My focus has always been consultation and community engagement – how we put people’s voices at the heart of services and, vitally right now, at the heart of change. I’ve come to design thinking quite recently through the Design Council’s Design in Public Services programme. I’m excited at the integration of engagement, insight, change and delivery disciplines it offers, and I’m encouraging more public sector colleagues to take up the opportunity GovJam presents. At home in Huddersfield we look after each other, our garden, and Jo’s growing culture blog, enjoying the challenge of growing veg on a 1 in 4 slope and finding new ways to store too many books.

GovJam 2015 team alumni

Nick Jackson

I started work at the University of Lincoln whilst completing my degree, working with the Online Services team to build, deliver and improve systems to improve the staff and student experience. During this time I both worked on existing and new services, as well as taking part in research projects around the use of open data. I currently work for mySociety, the charity behind websites such as TheyWorkForYou and FixMyStreet, helping use technology to empower citizens. I still love open data and open system design, and enjoy tinkering and hacking using technology to make life easier and leave the world a better place.

GovJam 2014 team alumni

Valentina Vezzani

I am a visiting research fellow at the School of Design of University of Leeds in colour and design, but also one of the co-founders of the PACO Design Collaborative. After a MSc in Product and Service Design, I got a PhD in design, in colour education, both at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano (Italy). I am interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative learning processes, in design thinking in education at all levels and disciplinary areas, and in the contemporary phenomena of creative society and social creativity.

Georgiana Mannion

I am a Consultant Business Analyst, Coach, Mentor and Trainer working at private and public sector organisations. I help to deliver change and process improvement using facilitative, investigative and playful techniques. I have a varied career history including Mental Health Nursing, HR, Project Management, Software Implementation which I draw experience from in my consulting. I am always researching the use of playfulness, the dynamics of groups and empathic learning. I volunteer for the IIBA and represent the North of England. I have lived in Leeds for almost 12 years, I adore living here and started the Leeds City Centre Women’s Institute (Buns & Roses) in 2009, volunteered as a School Governor, play in some bands, teach crafts and make wedding cakes! Work: @processincolour | Fun: @MrsWomannion


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